heyquark ads

Hi! I wanted to experiment with ads. This site serves HTML/CSS ads to be shown in a sandboxed iframe. That's, uh, all it does. There's no JavaScript, no networks of crazy redirects - just request /ad and get redirected to a random static HTML ad. Everything is pretty aggressivley cached, so it might not seem random at first - the ad should rotate more or less daily.

You can add yours for free - just PR it into this git repo, which is also the source for this site! You'll find the ad requirements in that repo's CONTRIBUTING.md. If you'd like to use these ads yourself, use the following HTML snippet:

<iframe src="https://ads.heyquark.com/ad" width=250 height=190 sandbox="allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox"></iframe>

I strongly recommend using the sandbox attribute on these iframes, like I've done in the snippet above. This stops ads from doing potentially bad things like modifying your page or running JavaScript (which could be used to exploit XSS bugs or waste your user's resources). Using sandbox forces ads to be ethical, at least technically.

You should stick to sizes between 250x190 and 150x150. You could go a little larger if you really wanted, just keep in mind the ads may not be designed for that. Don't go below 150x150.

Here's a few random ads:

250x190 - the usual size

150x150 - the minimum for heyquark ads